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Since 1977 Genex manufactures passive radiofrequency for civil and military telecommunications, realizing costumer specific RF cables, components and transmission lines in coax and waveguide for workstations in research and development laboratories, naval and avionics installations.

Genex is equipped with CNC machine tools and a laboratory equipped with RF VNA instruments capable of ensuring the electrical operation of components.

The “Made in Italy” quality in Genex is guaranteed during the entire production process of our products from raw materials to the electronic components tests in our laboratories in Rome.

Genex, specialized in development and production of high frequency connections, offers solutions for the RF interconnections with flexibility, speed and quality. We also design and manufacture RF cables, semi-rigid and corrugated flexible wires, assembled customer specifications. Every components is manufactured in the respect of military and commercial series, ensuring excellent electrical and mechanical performance.


The company operating system ISO 9001:2008 certifies the quality of its products across the microwave band up to 40 GHz.

The testing laboratory is equipped with modern network analyzers (VNA), ensuring the electrical control and the functionality of each component. Our tests measure: mitigation, VSWR, absolute and relative phase for matched cable, the delay time.

Genex can provide test report for all RF measurements on its components.

GENEX employs computerized and automatic machines such as CNC lathes, machining centers and EDM systems able to meet accuracy requirements of high level.

In order to guarantee a 360° degree customer experience, Genex offers a large-scale service equipments to support companies operating in “on site sector”. With design studios, we are able to realize the work handbag for the standard type of RF service (low, medium and high frequency ) containing cables, terminations and coaxial adapters, together with other RF components.

We can provide personalized work handbag to satisfy customers’ request.

Among the features that make Genex unique in telecommunications supply, there is the prompt delivery of our products, guaranteed by a huge warehouse and our technicians with thirty years of experience in the production and development of RF passive components.